Episode 32: Swiss Army Leg

This week, Kate talks about the most exciting ways the U.S. tried to kill Fidel Castro. Boy did we try a ton and wow did we fail. First Kate goes over how Castro came to power and we all learn a little bit about how not to many pronounce Spanish words (thanks for the assists Jen). Jen discusses Peter Freuchen, a Danish (like Kate!) explorer who trekked all over the place, helped fight the Nazis, wrote a lot of important books, and got out of dangerous situations using very…creative means. Kate reads two beautiful, hilarious obituaries in lieu of our traditional oshituaries. Warning: you might cry (Kate did).

Jean Oddi: https://www.legacy.com/obituaries/dispatch/obituary.aspx?pid=184208802&_ga=1.135028786.290986824.1483556759

Tim Schrandt: https://www.schluterbalikfuneralhome.com/obituary/tim-schrandt?lud=4759246C096BEEA2A07A23120E236986%27